Cloudy with a chance of stories

So. It has been asked how I can expound on clouds as a necessity of life.

Can you imagine life without clouds?

The poor cloud forest would just be a forest. We wouldn’t have anything to chase. And of course, clouds are nothing but floof. What would life be without floof? Floof is essential to work – without floof, we would actually have to generate results!

How necessary are clouds? We imagine how carefree we would be if we were like clouds, floating in the sky, drifting with the wind. In actual fact, we probably would be freezing our nadgers off. It’s pretty cold up there you know.


But clouds help us to dream. It makes us exercise our neck muscles, as we stretch to look up. It makes us wonder why nature chose to create the water cycle. Unless you’re a Christian, like me, and then we’d wonder why God chose this particular way to give us water. Though more frequently, we’d be wondering why we have to wake up so early to send our kids off to school that we can see the sun rising.

Or sometimes, even before that. Come to think of it, more frequently, we don’t even see the sun when we wake up.


More seriously, I think God made clouds to make us think. We look heavenward more often because of clouds. Have you ever wanted to look up at the sun on a clear day? But when there are clouds, it becomes prettier, and we want to look heavenward. And we are reminded that God is always working.

In the desert though, without clouds, I think we’d be thinking about other things. Like why God made so. much. sand.


But clouds have a lot to teach us. They are actually pretty much nothing – vapours in the wind. But yet when they appear, the sun becomes less glaring, and the sky becomes more beautiful.

Life is like that, to an almost perverse extent. If life was all smooth sailing, how much would we learn? How well would our true nature shine through? God disciplines those whom He loves (Hebrews 12), and when we struggle, it is like clouds entering our lives to make a mess. But with His help, when we manage to shine through, then life becomes that much sweeter, and our faith that much richer as we give thanks to Him who gives us life.


And when clouds cover the sky all the time, we finally realise that we miss that which we take for granted – the sun. Though I’d say that Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia would probably disagree. The haze was a much better teacher of this.

Truthfully, I’m fascinated by clouds. And I find that they are necessary to life…

Or we’d all be really really thirsty. And skin lotion and sunblock companies would be the richest companies in the world.

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