[Poetry] Change


What is change?
Change is difference, movement, a shift.
Painful, fearsome, a monster in the closet.
Change draws out, draws away, draws fear.

Change is bad.
It makes us cringe, retreat, holler.
Moves us in ways we don’t like.
Leave us alone, throw change away, away, away!

But change is constant.
Change doesn’t change, always moving, threading
Flitting like an angel through dust and space.
Change brings the dust, rust, destruction.

Change is inescapable.
We can run and hide, but change still moves
Around us, through us, without us.
When we awake, the world has changed.

We are small in the eyes of change.

But we can change.
Small steps, not big, easy ways to prove.
We can do it, without panic, biting off little bits.
Sing one song, write one letter, learn one lesson.

Change is constant,
We can keep up, aiming high but stepping low
First to crawl, then to walk, then to run.
Soaring high, not complacent, learning, absorbing.

Change is good.
Growing, maturing, learning, bit by bit.
Step out of comfort, into the light.
Strengthen, nurture, shoot for the skies.

Change is inevitable,
From learning to teaching, growing to showing,
Opening and sharing, guiding and nurturing
Smile, dance, hope and sing, alongside change.

Change, the enemy, now a friend.

But some things don’t change.
Fidelity, loyalty, love, and goodness.
A heart of caring, sharing, a smile of joy.
Finding beauty in the fallen, weak, and broken.

God doesn’t change.
What is good holds fast, standing tall,
A beacon of hope, light, strength, courage.
The message of goodness and love, for the sake of all.

Not all should change.
Holding fast our truth, core, our strength.
Who we truly are, not what others want,
How we stand tall, changing yet unchanging.

We hold fast in change.
Learn what is new, change what is old.
Shed the bad, the negatives, the dust and rust.
Hold on yet, to what makes us, us.

Change, and yet not change.

That is truly changing.

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