[Poetry] Tears in the Heart

Tears are falling.
Raindrops, spilling.
Drip by drip,
Ever seeping.

Heart is aching.
Words are failing.
Pain inside.
Light is hiding.

Woe is living.
Stop believing.
Hard to breathe.
Weight is crushing.

Breath slowing.
Painful dying.
Reaching out
Floats surviving.

Heart is breaking.
Death is smiling.
Lies abound.
Stop the listening.


Joy unfurling.
Flower blooming.
Hope anew.
Start the healing.

Friends surrounding.
Love is warming.
Darkness fades
Light is shining.

Hope is coming.
Salve applying.
Take a breath.
Love the loving.

God is caring.
Love astounding.
Kindle joy,
Start believing.

Strong standing.
Cross relying.
Despair not.
Life worth living.

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