[Poetry] You.


I look into your eyes
What do I see?
Acceptance, of who I am,
Knowing what I am,
Yet giving, accepting.

I look into your heart.
What do I feel?
Joy, that I love you.
Completeness, completion.
Rounding out our persons.

I look at your smile.
What do I hear?
Love, enveloping me.
Involuntary, special.
A smile reserved for me.

I look at your hands.
What do I taste?
The work of your hands,
The effort and sweetness,
The work that you do in love.

I look at you.
What do I know?
That you support and strengthen,
Encourage, just being there.
Wrapping your arms around me.

I look at myself.
What do I see, feel, hear?
Brokenness, incompleteness.
An arm without fingers
A heart that doesn’t pump.

Looking at us,
What do I feel?
Hope, joy, perfection.
Imperfect, but still complete.
Everything will be ok.

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