[Poetry] The Spectre (Depression)


Death is in my makeup,
Poison in my veins.
Failure lurks with every touch,
And pain beneath my wings.

Darkness veils at every step,
My weight will bear you down.
Truth is hidden by my mask
My lies will shade reality.

The mind and heart are both not spared
I squeeze them both alike.
Till wounds that mar the very sight
Appear behind the eyes.

It’ll hurt to breathe, to speak or dream
Nightmares mark the thoughts.
Despair now my favourite dish,
To spread amongst the gore.

Go, take your happy pills.
I’ll wait behind the door.
To spring upon your uselessness,
To feed until you’re sore.

Your heart becomes my playing ground
I lacerate and salt.
I drum upon the failures past
That haunt your only thoughts

Hopeless! Hopeless! My only cry,
I wing across your mind
I shroud you with my hopelessness,
And choke you with your tears.

Despair shall mark my every step.
And death the easiest way.
To put to sleep my siren song
That life will never mend.

So cry and wail, my sufferer.
Your moans shall feed my craw.
I’ll feed upon your mental corpse
And darken you forever.

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