[Poetry] By a Thread

Opening my eyes again,
Looking at the world,
Trying hard to make sense of it,
Hanging by a thread.

Moving through the motions,
Flitting task to task,
Breathing in and breathing out,
Hanging by a thread.

Pain that tears the heart,
Tears refuse to come.
Gasping, breathing, trying to see,
Hanging by a thread.

Loss that can’t be held,
Anger that can’t be pushed.
Grief that threatens to consume,
Hanging by a thread.

Day that goes quite well,
A spark that swallows light.
Everything recedes but darkness swarms,
Hanging by a thread.

A song that soothes the beast,
Art that calms the beat.
Food so rich with comfort strong,
Hanging by a thread?

Striking out for normalcy,
Swim against the tide.
Surfacing to take a breath,
Hanging by a thread.

Living like it’s normal,
Breathing through each beat.
Thoughts that hover, overcome.
Hanging by a thread.

Days go by like petals.
Faded yet coloured once.
Making sense of nothing sensible,
Hanging by a thread.

Step by step I walk on,
Shambling through the fog.
Lean on faith and hope alone,
Hanging by a thread.

Trying hard to be, just be,
Letting past hurts go.
Sometimes, running to and from,
Hanging by a thread.

Responsibility the biggest word,
Life is full of it.
Without, I would simply be,
Hanging by a thread.

Life is how we see it,
Pain is not alone.
One day I will rise above…

But for now…

I’m hanging by a thread.

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