[Shorts] I Am The King

He sits and stares out the window. Surveying his domain. Watching his territory. Ensuring the safety of his subjects.


He yawns and changes position. Scratches his belly. Watching is so boring yet necessary…

Something enters his domain. He just knows it, he can’t explain how, but something that shouldn’t be there is there. He looks around for his servant, but they’re not where they should be. Neither at beck, nor at call.

Huff. I’ll punish them later. For now, it’s time to put things right in my kingdom. He stretches. A little activity is never a bad thing. Quietly, he moves to the door, and exits.

Running is freeing to him. He races, darts, to the field where he detected the intrusion. The grass provides some cover, not that he needs it. He concentrates. His heightened senses comb the grasstops for any movement. He sniffs the air constantly, watching, waiting for any changes that will tell him where the intruder might be hiding. He is pure hunter now, stepping quietly and carefully, watching the wind.

Economy of action is key here. Don’t let the grass move unnecessarily. Stay downwind. Pause. Check. Get into position.

A blade of grass tickles his nose. He tries to move, but it’s too late. It is inevitable. He has found a foe that he cannot escape.

He sneezes.

His neighbour who has come to visit, turns around to give him a baleful glare. What, she conveys in that one look, in the nine hells are you up to? You’ve never succeeded in stalking ME before. Stop trying.

In response, he sits down in the grass. It’s nice grass. So cool. I wasn’t even interested in hunting YOU so I’m not going to look at you. I mean, I don’t even know you’re there. I’m more interested in my own feet than you. So there.

They sit apart from each other for a while more. A passing butterfly brings a little distraction, but not for long. Then he hears something.

His servant is finally in range. And calling him. He knows it. Hears it in his bones.

Without looking at his neighbour, he vanishes into the grass. No need for subterfuge or stealth now. There is an important mission to complete, even more critical than attempting to rustle his erstwhile neighbour.

He crashes back into his house, taking the first corner at speed. Lo and behold, his servant is bowing down before him.

“Here’s your food, Mittens.”

Yes. It’s time to eat.

All is well in his kingdom.

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