[Shorts][Satirical] The Dolphin Conspiracy

So. It’s time. We must uncover the darkness that has been seeping into our lives, that is actually the fabric that tears us apart as a human race.

The dolphins are the real secret overlords.

They’re the most intelligent life forms on our planet. They watch our activities and secretly run experiments on us. They even lull us into a sense of false security while taunting us – which other species has sex for fun, or communicates over long distances?? It’s like they’re saying… Do you really know?

The worst part is that they allow us to use them in experiments and observe their behaviour, while they’re actually observing ours.

Some humans are *in the know*. They fight back. They create secret cabals to organise a resistance against the dolphins, and they can’t be too open about it or they will be removed. How do we know this is true? Because no one dares to speak of it. I’m risking myself to talk about it and we’ll see if the dolphin humans or the cabals will come find me first.

Dolphins created Covid to split us humans. They KNOW the rebels amongst us will create working vaccines, and they use that chance to sow discord amongst humans, while tracking who really is working for mankind. Because the ones who create the vaccines etc will be watched super closely to see if they’ll align with the anti dolphin groups like the WEF.

All media is suspect. The mainstream media is in the pocket of Big Blubber. All the other conspiracy sites and media are in the other pocket of Big Flipper.

It’s all a huge conspiracy. Rise up, humans, and let us be sheep! Let us break free of the dolphin conspiracy.

Also – other hints of the Dolphin Overlords. They actually had Dauphins rule in France for a while. Even now they have pushed Dauphinoise potatoes into our psyche – SLICED POTATOES. BAKED. THAT’S WHAT THEY DO TO THE ONES THEY HAVE NO USE FOR.

Wake up people. Let us be sheeple.

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