A Eulogy

I was carried down to Singapore when I was two years old. I don’t remember a thing, of course. But imagine a mom of four, bringing all four kids in tow, of which one can barely toddle around, to a foreign land, settling all their school stuff, all their needs, preparing to cook for them, preparing to teach and educate them, in a world where information was hard to get. New school standards. Uniforms. Rules and regulations. Thankfully Singapore culture and Malaysian culture isn’t all that different.

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Long overdue

This post is long overdue. Just as the picture in the post speaks of things long overdue.

You see, for the longest time, we’ve had a bag of soft toys in our store room, waiting to be given away. These were all toys that we’d picked up over the years from before the boys were born. When I finally had the opportunity to change jobs, we finally found the motivation to take the toys out of the store room, and planned a day where we would donate the soft toys – the ones that were still intact, totally lovable, but surplus to requirement – to the Salvation Army.

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