[Short] Stalemate

castle-2420839_1280.jpgThe king stood gleaming in his obsidian armour, staring down at his men-at-arms as they arrayed themselves in rows in front of him. Their black armour gleamed in the light, and they stood ready, quiet, poised to attack the enemy at his command. His other men stood to either side of him, the only sounds, the snorting of horses, or the creaking of the siege engines.

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A very Darth story


“Everyone can tell a story. A good story needs a hook, a good hero, and something that everyone can relate to.”

Jackson stifled a yawn. An engineer by training, he didn’t know why he had to be in this room, learning how to tell stories. Machines don’t need to be told stories – they’re just commanded, coded, set up and installed. What stories would a machine be interested in?

“You’d be surprised.” A little sharp voice grated behind Jackson. He turned around in surprise – no one should have heard his thoughts! He was also seated at the back of the class for an easier exfiltration should the need arise, especially during tea breaks, so no one was seated behind him.

No one was behind him.

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Cloudy with a chance of stories

So. It has been asked how I can expound on clouds as a necessity of life.

Can you imagine life without clouds?

The poor cloud forest would just be a forest. We wouldn’t have anything to chase. And of course, clouds are nothing but floof. What would life be without floof? Floof is essential to work – without floof, we would actually have to generate results!

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