A flask of cocoa


The waves crashed against the rocks, and the gulls screamed as they circled overhead.

The old man sat atop one of the bigger rocks. He cast his line into the stormy waters, even as he stayed out of reach of the salty spray that splashed up against the shoreline. He waited, as the incessant wind plucked at his hat, like the playful hands of a small child. He didn’t have to wait for long.

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archer-2345211_1280.jpgThe archer stood still, the wind gently pulling at his clothes, the string taut next to his cheek, his fingers tensed, with the arrow pointing at the target. No one could detect that slight tremble, that slight twitch in his muscles, that minute wavering of his eyes. No one saw the little bead of sweat slowly trickle down the back of his neck.

He released the arrow. With a thunk, it hit the target, just shy of the red circle in the middle.

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[Poetry] Pain

When nothing is felt but pain
When the heart feels heavy and sore
Hope dies, withers, like ash in a fire.

Trust should be strong, an oak not a bush.
But we can’t help but hope and expect.
When expectations fail and hope is destroyed
Then trust is shaken –
Will it topple, or stand strong?

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Cloudy with a chance of stories

So. It has been asked how I can expound on clouds as a necessity of life.

Can you imagine life without clouds?

The poor cloud forest would just be a forest. We wouldn’t have anything to chase. And of course, clouds are nothing but floof. What would life be without floof? Floof is essential to work – without floof, we would actually have to generate results!

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Long overdue

This post is long overdue. Just as the picture in the post speaks of things long overdue.

You see, for the longest time, we’ve had a bag of soft toys in our store room, waiting to be given away. These were all toys that we’d picked up over the years from before the boys were born. When I finally had the opportunity to change jobs, we finally found the motivation to take the toys out of the store room, and planned a day where we would donate the soft toys – the ones that were still intact, totally lovable, but surplus to requirement – to the Salvation Army.

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